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Data recording with Trailer-Telematik

Fliegl and Dreyer+Timm work together

The antenna concept, which was developed for the box, has superb sending and receiving characteristics, meaning a covered installation is also possible. The compact and robust hardware is specially constructed for mobile use and tested to the challenging standards of the car industry – a temperature range of - 40 to +85 °C, changing vibrations and extreme acceleration. The Scombox is water proof and can even stand up to high pressure cleaning. It has successfully passed all CE certification tests. Its range of functions is very convincing: Up to two CAN Bus, two RS232 and one single wire interfaces, ten input / outputs, of which six are multifunction inputs, one wireless interface and two relays rated at 10 A, which for example could be used to control electromagnetic door locks or immobilizes. A high power battery and a sophisticated energy saving mode guarantee the reliable monitoring of an uncoupled trailer over many months.

The Scombox will shortly be available for the swap body trailer, it promises a battery life of from four to five years. Scombox informs the holder about mileage, maintenance status, brake wear, axle loading, tyre pressure, overloading, movement, shocks (impacts), speed, direction etc. With the position finding (GPS in connection with internal and external sensors) the box delivers ani-theft information or for the reacquisition of stolen vehicles. It is not even paralyzed even after being sabotaged, as it remains active after being separated from the EBS.

Scromview receives and processes the data from the Scrombox and presents it logically and clearly. The Internet portal give a quick overview, provides service information, activates alarm messages and makes available by request detailed analysis - with bar charts and hydrographs. 

  • Automatic and uninterrupted data gathering
  • Dispositions and route optimizing
  • Anti-theft protection with GPS positioning
  • Service information